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Uncontrolled rabbit populations in New Zealand pose a substantial threat to farmers and landowners. They cause extensive damage to crops, pasturelands, and native vegetation through overgrazing, exacerbated by their rapid reproductive rate, leading to soil erosion and resource competition with livestock.

Since no two properties are alike, a tailored approach to eradication is necessary to deliver the best value for money.

Leveraging 15 years industry experience, Rabbit Solutions Otago owner, Adam Hart, possesses a deep understanding of rabbit habitat and behaviour. Collaborating with the landowner, Adam will craft a customised strategy that complements the property's existing land use and stock management plan.

Rabbit Solutions will then execute on that strategy, but just as importantly, will then monitor its performance, making adjustments where required.

Typically a one-size fits all strategy doesn’t work for effective rabbit management, so Rabbit Solutions Otago takes a comprehesive approach offering multiple methods of eradication and control:

Rabbit Solutions Otago works with landowers throughout Otago, Waitaki and the Mackenzie Country.

To discuss your specific rabbit control requirements, please contact Adam.

Pindone Poisoning

Pindone, an anticoagulant drug suitable for agricultural use, reduces the blood's ability to clot in the liver.

In New Zealand, Pindone has proven highly effective in controlling rabbit populations. Pindone is traditionally applied mid-winter using carrot laced with the drug. Rabbit Solutions uses fresh carrot cut daily utilising modern equipment.

With the support of local aircraft operators, Rabbit Solutions Otago can also provide aerial Pindone application, especially suited for larger properties.

Additionally, Rabbit Solutions has been conducting trials with promising results using Pindone carrot poisoning during the summer months, when initial rabbit numbers are high.


Night shooting serves as an effective secondary option after poisoning to 'clean up' any remaining rabbits.

Rabbit Solutions Otago utilises thermal rifle scopes capable of detecting the infrared radiation emitted by a rabbit's body, thus providing the shooter with a significant advantage.

The advanced technology within a thermal scope enables the detection and targeting of rabbits at a distance. Thermal scopes possess the ability to see through grass and foliage, even detecting the heat signature of an animal concealed behind solid cover, such as a tree trunk or rock.


Rabbit Solutions Otago employs Magtoxin for rabbit fumigation. This product releases Hydrogen Phosphide (Phosphine) gas upon contact with moisture in soil and air, providing a highly effective solution for managing rabbit numbers, particularly during the summer months.

Fumigation is only viable within the confined space of a burrow, making it a more targeted method compared to alternatives such as poisoning which it is often used in conjunction with.

Rabbit Proof Fencing

Eradicating rabbits becomes an almost futile exercise if they are allowed to spread from neighboring properties where population numbers are not being effectively managed.

Rabbit Proof Fences have been used on New Zealand properties since the 1880s. They continue to be employed because of their proven effectiveness, however fencing should be used combination with other control methods.

Rabbit Fencing serves two primary goals:

  1. Preventing the spread of rabbits to new areas.

  2. Containing rabbit populations to enhance the effectiveness of rabbit control methods. Fencing enables a more targeted approach to eradication by focusing efforts on a well-defined area.

Rabbit Solutions Otago can retro-fit existing fences as well as construct new rabbit-proof fences. Importantly, we also offer a maintenance program for existing rabbit fences.

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